Founded by a group of European botanists in 2019, Bunny Duclea, seated in the center of continental(地点), has rapidly grasped the world’s attention from all walks of lives. Inspired by the ancient myths and legends worldwide, we are leading the modern way of body and soul caring rituals by applying whole natural plant-based recipes. We believe holiness is rooted in each one of us, which requires fertilizing from the mother nature to fully blossom outwardly.


Ever since the embarking of human civilization, history witnesses countless mythologies in all phases of era. People around the globe portrait gods in reflection of themselves. Bunny Duclea sees the heredity passed down through the time, upholding the unchanging virtues of humanity and divinity, believing that individuals have the utmost dictation upon themselves to incarnate their holy spirits. We never seize to facilitate people to bring out a better self while truly feeling the optimal transition both physically and spiritually.


With the aid of the top-notch research approaches and field exploration collecting, we keep utilizing the most cutting-edge technologies and equipment in the line of business to stay on top. Bunny Duclea is noted for its uniquely advanced biochemical methodologies sponsored by the elite group of dermatologists and pharmacists. The expertise in the field is our guarantee to the authentic effects for our series. Through scientifically rigorous selection among the natural ingredients, we travel among glacier and desert, in pursuit of tracking the exactly accurate key elements in the wild. Mother nature has forever borne the treasure from the earth, we have just functioned as the eyes of beholders. As Gods created the air, light, and water, we created the holistic solutions to all body areas from hair to toe. In doing so, we passionately unleash the infinite potential of individuals in completing the supreme self-transforming.

BUNNY DULCEA, spiritually inspired by the legends sourced from ancient eras, strives to serve modern women with natural power in self aspiration and transformation. The founders believe that people should return to their nature to get further awakening physically and mentally.

“We see divinity in you, we see you in infinity.”


Ready to unveil a brand-new journey with us? We promise to allow you to indulge in the captivating wonderland, where you govern your spirit and be your own lord. Embracing the treasury nature, embracing the earthy legendary.